Baby Potty

tot care's Potty

tot care's potty is a multi function toilet trainer and step stool. It is fitted with a comfy and soft cushioned seat with a unique built-in deflector. Its seat is produced with high quality material that protects it for a longer life cycle. At later stages, the removable seat can be placed onto an adult toilet and is convenient to carry around while on the go. The potty is equipped with handles to give the baby more stability and to assist him/her for more comfort. The potty bowl is large and easy to remove and clean. It may be used as a stool for children to stand on and perform other activities such as brushing their teeth or washing their faces.

This product features:
- Comfy and soft cushioned seat with a unique built-in deflector
- Soft seat produced for a longer life cycle
- Removable seat that can be attached to an adult toilet
- Large bowl easy to remove and clean
- Excellent quality and can be used as a step stool
- Extra large base for more stability