Oral Care Set

tot care's Oral Care Set

tot care's infant to toddler oral kit has your little one's oral care needs covered: from teething to learning how to brush! tot care's oral care kit: Promotes healthy teeth and gums!

• 1 Finger toothbrush
• 1 Plastic container
• 1 Toddler toothbrush
• 1 Ring (to use on to toothbrush for extra safety)

More information:
• Toddler toothbrush (front teeth & molars) bristles are gentle on tooth enamel and tender gums.
• Comfortable grip which makes it easy for parents or children to hold without slipping.
• Finger toothbrush (teething) slips onto parent's fingers - gently textured surface for wiping gums clean.
• Plastic container for finger toothbrush's storage and to keep clean at all times.

Available Colors: