tot care's Soft Nipple

The soft nipple is made of soft silicone to bring babies to a closer experience to natural breast feeding. tot care's soft nipple is designed in a way to allow airflow and help reduce colic, hiccups and overall discomfort. tot care's soft nipple is stripped to allow the nipple bend and offer babies flexibility in their holding motion.

This product features:

  • Made of soft silicone material
  • Stretches during sucking
  • Stripped nipple head for flexibility
  • Wide base comfortable to the lips
  • Airflow to reduce colic

These nipples come in different flows:

  • TC5005-1:   Slow flow nipple (0m+)
  • TC5005-2:   Medium flow nipple (3m+)
  • TC5005-3:   Fast flow nipple (6m+)
  • TC5005-4:   Free flow nipple (3m+)